About Us


Tina Padilla was born in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and raised in Sunland Park New Mexico.  Since early childhood Tina had a keen interest in all the kitchen activities in her home.  She always wanted to help and learn all that mom was doing.  Many times she was chased out of the kitchen, but she always managed to come back to learn something new.  As the years passed she learned all of mom’s secret recipes.

Tina and Roy Padilla’s story began in the fall of 1995.  Tina, a recently divorced single mother of three, moved to Phoenix looking for a fresh start.  Shortly after meeting at a local office, Tina and Roy began to date.  Roy was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona, and has been a lifelong resident.  Roy had four children of his own.  Tina and Roy later married in 1999, creating their own BRADY BUNCH.

In December of 1995 Tina began selling her delicious tamales in an effort to raise extra money for Christmas gift giving.  Roy, as any good boyfriend would do, offered to help make the tamales, and there began many years of making tamales for a customer base that grew exponentially over the years as more and more people learned of Tina’s delicious tamales.

Later Tina, because of her dream to sell her food to many people, decided to start catering special events.  As the years passed, this evolved to become, “Tia Shorty’s Mexican Food Catering.”  It didn’t take long for the word to spread about Tina’s delicious food.

Tina for all of her adult working life had worked professionally as an accountant.  She, however, always maintained a dream to have her own restaurant.

tia-shortysIn early 2016 our son-in-law Alan Fennig (married to Roy’s oldest daughter Anna) declared that he had sold his businesses on the East Coast and that they were moving the family back to Phoenix!  Alan said, “Why don’t we open a Mexican food restaurant?”  The words were a real dream come true for Tina.  She had no qualms about resigning her position to take on a whole new position.  Thus began a family partnership to bring to Scottsdale TIA SHORTY’S AUTHENTIC MEXICAN FOOD restaurant.

You might be wondering about the name for our restaurant…Well, Tina grew up in a family of four sisters and one brother.  Tina was the youngest of the sisters and also the smallest, or, SHORTEST.  She earned the nickname of Shorty with her family.  Later, as the family began to grow, the nieces and nephews heard their parents call Tina “Shorty” and so they began to call her TIA SHORTY, which is Spanish for “Auntie Shorty.”  So there you have it.  Now we want everyone who comes to our restaurant to enjoy a friendly festive ambiance, coupled with the most savory and excellent Mexican fare.